Laughter/Hasya Yoga session

I am also a qulified laughing yoga leader and take group bookings for “Happiness and Wellbeing” ssessions.
Sessions are best run with a group of 10-30 people depending on the size of the room and space. They are suitable for everyone young and old and can even be adapted for a  chair based practice, for those who have problems with mobility.
They are based on all the techneqies I have learnt through Hatha yoga,meditation and laughter yoga training.
Laughing yoga was first introduced by Dr Kataria. He bagan with only five people in a Mumbai park and now thousands of people have joined in with these fun and exciting sessions.
The sessions are funfilled using childlike role play based on a theme. Breathing exercises are introduced and relaxation in every session.
received_10153424827081696 Each session is tailor made for the individual group and with having vast amount of experience in the care sector I can easily suit it to individual groups with more profound needs.