Postive thinking.

Everything happens for a reason, live it, love it, learn from it! Make your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile”

Whilst practicing yoga for the many years that I have, the main lesson it has taught me,  is  the direct link, the mind and the body have on one another. So, my theme for this week has been “positive thinking”.

I love to read, and recently read, that the  messages our minds send to the brain, let’s out a chemical reaction that can alter how our physical body reacts. So for example; If you  are feeling in a low mood for a prolonged period of time and your mental health decreases, this can  then have an effect on your phisical health. This then become a viscious cycle, and will effect our daily life, work and friendships.

But yoga can really help break the cycle. One way is by the power of the breath. Noticing it and remembering to breath correctly. It is our life force we can not surrive without it, so let’s use it for ou r advantage.  Taking some time in your day, and practicing some very simple postures or movements that flow gently with the breath, you can begin to settle the mind. Noticing how the breath sits within the body, deepening the Inhale and exhale. As the body begins to slow,  the mind then has time to catch up with the thoughts that are going on in the head. It can begin to process them, and the ones that are causing the low mood can then begin to disperse.

You can do the same techneque when going for a walk,  sitting or laying down. It is a very simple, but effective  form of meditation, but it can have a powerful positive response on the body and mind.

Another techneque to practise, is to take a moment each morning to write one positive thing about you or your life, and place it in a jar. When you are feeling low, take them out and read them to yourself. Remind yourself of all the things in life you can be greatfull for.