Mindfulness in Schools


I am really excited  to offer a great opportunity for your school.
With the SATS fast approaching the benefit of introducing children to mindfulness is even more a priority. Learning to cope with the stress and worry of the SATS and knowing what coping techniques to use, will improve their ability in the tests themselves and later struggles in life.
I am a fully qualified  Yoga instructor, Happiness and Well-being coach and Laughter Yoga Leader.
I would love to come and offer some imaginative and calming yoga and relaxation sessions to the children in your school. The session I run introduce children to a variety of poses, breathing exercise and meditation techniques. My session are age appropriate and inclusive of everyone. They are designed to really engage the children’s imagination.
I get regular feedback from parents stating the positive effects yoga has had on their child. Positive effects such as, heightened self esteem, calmer in behaviour, able to concentrate better and for longer and their general kindness towards others has been elevated.

If you would like to make a booking or want any further information, or to discuss particular requirements please e-mail me at yogaforschools@mail.com
Looking forward to hearing from you.