Children and Yoga

kids yoga pre school

Hi, since my last blog I wanted to update you all on what I have been getting up to. I always find the world works in ways that push you towards what you really feel happy in doing if you don’t try and force things too much.
So, recently I have been given a few new opportunities. And one of them is to work with children more. I have been heading into a local pre-school and working with 2-4 year olds. An age that I haven’t worked with for many years but with their natural curiosity and amazing energy I have always loved. This has been a wonderful experience and has connected me back with my inner child, although she is never really far away.
We did some wonderful sound work using our voices by singing our names, we did some breath work feeling the breathe and using the breath. I incorporated my Laughter Yoga into the session with some wonderful roll play where we went to the zoo. At the end I brought out my singing bowl and I was astonished how well they lay and listened to it. Silence, calm and ease fell over the whole room…..

It really was a wonderful experience to bring Yoga to children of this age and I am looking forward to my future work with these super mini Yogis.