Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Self Healing

benefits of meditation

I have been recently doing more and more work with Meditation. It a practice that is becoming more frequent in my day to day Yoga practice. I have always loved the Savasana and relaxation aspects of Yoga and really feel the benefits of this wonderful and gentle practice.

I have been running a sessions of meditation and Yoga Nidra to help a client with depression and anxiety. Some thing that I myself, and many others have suffered with at some point in our lives. Its so wonderful to connect back with what made me fall in love with Yoga and Meditation and be able to give this wonderful gift to others so that they too, can help them selves.

I believe strongly in self healing and all we need is the tools and a little help on the right path to be able to heal our minds, body and souls.

I enjoy practising a “just being” guided mediation. Where the focus is on the present moment of just being, the acceptance of just being and the truly wonderful feeling of “just being” can bring. NO place to go, or to come from, just the moment of being.

You can practice this feeling of “just being” with this simple and exercise:

Find a warm and comfortable spot, you could be sat or laying down. Bring your awareness to your breath and start by counting your breaths eg…inhale exhale 1, inhale exhale 2……continue this and start to deepen the breath. Once you have done this for around ten breaths begin to focus on the space between the inhale and exhale..notice the feeling of ease and peace here. The place in which their is nothing….no place to go or to come from…….just being.

You can practice this short exercise when you feel you a wave of anxiety or depression arising.

Happy self healing,
Love , light and Namaste