Life……. its ever changing.

Hi It has been a while since I have posted anything. Since my last post I have had a baby and so my priorities change some what.

In a world that is ever changing and at a point in which we need to make sacrifices to ensure we have a world for our off spring, I have been taking my time to decide how to prioritise my life.

So I have decided to give most of my classes away and begin a more simple life during the week, living in my van with my partner and baby boy. I am volunteering for a CSA (community supported agriculture) project, which grows organic veg just outside of Lutterworth. The idea of this for me is that I wish to be part of closer community, learn to live off the land and build my values and experience around what is best for not just me, but the future of the planet. Eating organic is wonderful and my partner has been growing organic veg and fruit for us on our allotment throughout the spring, summer and Autumn. Lots of new recipes to enjoy and to see the whole cycle of the food production gives a new respect to the food I eat.

I am currently vegan (although I do have the odd slip up now and then) and believe this is the way forward for for the planet. The animal and dairy industry is shocking. The cruelty, the medication used that then filters through into the food we eat. So I have decided on a more wholesome life…….a lot less money and things, but a lot richer in others.

I have been reading a book called “Ishmael” by Daniel Quinn, which I would recommend to anyone. I have also read his further books, “Storey of B” “My Ishmael” and am currently on his next set.

So I am on a new journey. As the winter months begin to draw in, it will be tougher I am sure. I will keep you posted.

Please feel free to add any comments…

Love, light and Namaste