Ahimsa- Non-violence=Kindness

In a world that is full of fear, kindness is more important now than ever.

As a yogi Ahimsa should be the foundation to what I practice my life. I say practice because I’m not perfect, but I am learning to become aware of my thoughts and actions and the consequences they have on others. and on myself.

I believe with anyone, what you give, you get back. Peoples reactions are a reflection of your own behaviour towards them.

Kindness starts with yourself. Try and say four kind things about yourself……go on, just four. Now try and say four kind words about a person who has tested you recently.  Keep practising this, practise it daily!! See and notice if it has a change in how you deal with people around you, maybe even a change in that challenging person or the way you deal with them.

Teach  children this too, it is so important. Watch your word towards them. Remember they are learning about themselves and the world around them. A child isn’t born shy, naughty or aggressive…..they have learnt that. Show them kindness and how to be kind to others and themselves. Be aware of what they are watching and learning from. The TV programmes they watch the games they play. Give to the poor, pick up litter, help someone or some thing that needs help.  Teach children that the world is for every creature on this planet, that we have to be king and gentle with all living things. From the smallest of ant to the biggest of trees. Take responsibility for all your actions, they all have consequences.

Don’t teach  children to consume, stare at a screen, be violent. The world needs a change, you and the children around you can be that change.

Kindness and love creates more kindness and love.

Fear creates violence. Love over comes fear.

And finally…from the word of Gandhi…..

…..Be the change you wish to see in the world.