Restorative Yoga and you

Restorative yoga helps provide physical and mental balance to body and mind. It does this by relaxing the nervous system and reducing the fight and flight response therefor helping to reduce stress and anxiety. In restorative Yoga the nervous system can’t help but relax.

Restorative Yoga works by allowing us to lay for long and comfortable stretches . Through the use of blocks, straps and bolsters, that fully support the body in a relaxed and comfortable position, you are able to hold poses longer, giving you all the benefits of deep passive stretch.

We hold a lot of stress and tension within our bodies from the strain and pressure of every day life, and this manifests itself into elements and injuries. From neck strain to back ache to rheumatoid arthritis and cancers. By practising restorative yoga regularly, we can help relieve the pressure and tension held in the mind and body, and therefore help to relieve the elements. With this new awareness you can then begin to make changes in your life to reduce the levels of stress and tension that build up in the body.

The body and the parasympathetic nervous system relaxes, which is responsible for slowing your heart rate and breath and increasing blood flow to your vital organs, among other things. This helps with the healing process of the body.