About me

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I am a fully 200hr certified and insured yoga practitioner.I run regular Hatha style yoga classes in and around the Nottingham area. I  also offer private one to one sessions and group bookings.

I have been practising yoga for many years. I started as many people do, when I was going through a difficult time and need to focus my energy on something positive.

I remember my first class vividly. Wanting to giggle through the oms, feeling self conscious and whether I was doing the poses right or wrong, looking around the room for guidance in my fellow yogis.

The oms the asana, breathing, chanting and then came the savasana. A point at which you lie still on the mat doing nothing but breathing. Fully letting go! Something I almost feared to do. Being in the still, in the nothing but my mind. Laying and listening to the soft music….It became a safe solitude that I now crave. A time of peace to reflect and filter the noise of my ever chatting mind.

Their was so much to take in and learn but also their was so much that I felt a true conection with. As if I had been doing yoga all my life and not realised.

I felt, after that first session, I could find the “me” inside again.

And that is were my journey into teaching began.

Week after week, class after class, year after year. Always learning and ever coming closer to finding the peace inside.

Yoga is a continuous journey for body, mind and spirit. I love the journey I am on, and am excited to be sharing it with so many fellow yogis and yoginis.

Stepping into your first class is never easy. But I do understand, and you will always be welcomed and gently supported though your practice.
We all fall, we all make mistakes but surly thats how we learn.

Take some time to come back to you again, take some time for Yoga.

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